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What An Peculiar Dance by Snicketbar

Chapter: 6

    Party Time!

A calm breeze sweeps across the open landscape. Causing the tall grass to bend and sway, as it passes through it. The chill of the early morning still hangs in the air as the bright sun peaks over the horizon; promising of another another pleasant day.

The sound of snapping twigs and crushing leaves can be herd in the distance as six ponies, plus one blue hedgehog, trek the timber covered trail.

"Mind running that by me again, Sugar hog. I don't quite follow what ya mean." Applejack says turning towards Sonic with a bewildered expression.

"I said, for a bunch of walking bundles of fire wood. They seemed to well organized." The blue hedgehog says, still peering forward.

The orange mare drops her head and lets out a sigh. "That's what i thought you said. Now I have to worry about those critters now."

"Well, uh...they um....have to follow someone." Fluttershy sputters out as she slinks at the back of the group.

Sonic notions toward the yellow pegasus and says."See, Butterfly gets it. Why can't..."



"My name is Fluttershy, but uh you call me what ever you want. ...."

"No, uh that's alright. Fluttershy is fine" Sonic abruptly responds as he waves his hands in front of his face.

The hedgehog lets his hands fall to his sides and stares off in the distance. "Though why did that last one feel like smashing into a brick wall?" Sonic asks, while shifting his head side to side. Causing his heck to pop.

The six mares instantly towards the blue hedgehog, causing him to step back a bit. "What? Was it something i said?"

Twilight contemplates for a moment and chimes in. "I've herd that some animals; through the use of some form of arcane magic. Can increase there density and solidify there mass. While also maintaining a..."

The mare cuts herself as she notices everyone giving her a blank expression.

"You lost me at arcanine magic." Rainbow Dash says, as she breaks the awkward silence. Causing the lavender mare to let out an annoyed sigh.

"So, there a force to be reckoned with?" Sonic asks while crossing his arms. To which Twilight nods happily to.

"Well that explains a lot."

Rarity flicks a flock of hair away form her face and asks."Though why venture so far from the forest?" Resulting in another array of odd looks.

"Oh, Oh! Maybe if was there friend Chip's birthday or something." Pinkie chimes from the back of the group.

"Chip?" The orange earth pony asks.

"You know Chip as in wood chip."

The entire group (save for Pinkey) fall back in annoyance.


Continuing onward, the last stretch of road that leads to Ponyville. Which is now covered in an assortment of branches and twigs from the first timber wolf encounter. Resulting in a few loud snaps as the group walks across the now pile of timber.

"We should really do something about this." Twilight demands as she crushes a branch under her hoof.

"I got it!" Rainbow Dash shouts as she leaps into the air ans flies ahead; leaving a rainbow trail behind her. Causing the lavender unicorn to roll her eyes.

Just as the cyan mare disappears over the horizon; clearing away most of the fallen flora. She zips back towards the others and basts past the others. Stopping a feet behind them with a smug look on her face. "Hows that?" The pegasus boasts as she tilts her head upward.


A sudden gust of air blows basts past the mane six; clearing the trail of the remaining debris, along with stretch behind them. The six ponies watch this awestruck, only to break away there gaze as something leaps over them and lands a several yards in front of them.

"It was OK, but it lacked pazazz." Sonic chimes as he turns back towards the group.

The six ponies voice there amazement with varied 'oohs' and 'ahhs.'

"Hey, wait a minute!" The cyan mare shouts as she flies over the other five ponies and lands a few feet in front of the hedgehog. "You saying I don't have any style?"

Sonic shrugs at this, causing the other ponies to burst into laughter. Much to Rainbow Dash's annoyance.


As the group enters the small town. Twilight gallops ahead and stops in front of the others. "Alright every pony, lets not draw any attention to our...selves." The lavender pony spurts out the last part, as a large group of ponies of all kinds. Charges the group and surrounds them.

"You were saying, Twilight." Rarity adds, as she grits her teeth and fakes a smile to the surrounding mob.

The blue hedgehog lets out a whistle and crosses his arms. While glancing at the sudden arrivals; most varying from bewilderment, awestruck, and straight up annoyance. "Some welcoming party, you guys have here. They really gives you that warm fuzzy, lets be friends feeling." He mutters using a sarcastic tone.

"Oh, so it can talk!" A dark blue stallion earth pony, shouts as he pushes his way to the hedgehog. "Who are you? What are you?" The pony demands as he narrows his eyes at Sonic.

Twilight attempts to interject, but an abrupt outburst from with in the crowd stops her.

"HEY, LEAVE HIM ALONE!" A familiar voice shouts as a group of small fillies emerge from the crowd. Stopping in front of the blue pony.

The three Crusaders stand before the stallion and glare at him as they make eye contact. Causing the pony to take a few steps back at this. "YOU GOT A LOT OF NERVE MAKING SUCH DEMANDS FOR THE PONY THAT ..." Apple Bloom's rant is cut off as Sonic holds his hand in front of her as he takes a few steps past them. "I got this." He says as he gives the filly a thumbs up.

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. And I just..."

"....just saved your sorry flank." Another voice calls from the crowd as gray maned, light brown, female, earth pony emerges from the crowd and stops besides the two.

"That's no way to treat the....hedgehog that just saved Ponyville." The mare snaps as she adjusts a pair of glasses with her hoof.

The stallion tries to reply to this, but only sputters out a few in audible sounds before slinking back into the crowd.. Causing the mare to let out an annoyed sigh as he does this. While the mane 6, look on in bewilderment.

"My apologizes Mr. Hedgehog, but..."

"No, Sonic is just fine." The hedgehog interjects as he cuts the mare off.

"Sonic, I apologize for that. We usually aren't that hostile towards new arrivals."

"Well how often does someone like me come along?" Sonic adds as he shoots the pony his trademark grin.

"You would be the first."

The hedgehog lets out an amused scoff.

"Alow me to introduce myself. I'm Mare and I run this little slice of paradise called..."

"Wait you mean, you're the Mayor right?"

"Well that too, but as I was saying. I'm in charge of..."

"Whoa, whoa,  wait a minute" Sonic says as he waves his arms. "Your name is Mare?"

The pony nods. "Yep"

"And you're the Mayor?"

The earth pony nods again."Mmm hmm."

"So when people address you, it's Mayor Mare?"

"Well usually it's just Mayor, but some ponies have 'on occasion' have used that."

Sonic lets his shoulders slump and grabs the sides of his head. "Ugh! My head hurts."

"Anyway, as I was saying before that little 'back and forth.' I'm the Mayor of this fare town and I; on behalf of Ponyville, would like to thank you for saving up."

The blue hedgehog's head snaps upward as the pony claps one of his hands with her hooves and eagerly shakes it.

"Meh, they weren't that tough. I was able to...YOUCH!" Sonic leaps in to the air as something pulks one of his quills from his back.


"Who did that?" The hedgehog shouts as he looks around the crowd; only to stop as he notices a female mint colored unicorn with a harp on her hip nervously smiles at him as she tries to inch back into the mass of ponies; holding a blue quill in her mouth.

Sonic lets out an annoyed sigh and back flips onto an onning of a nearby building. Causing the crowd to cheer and clap as he does this; only for it to sway as the hedgehog lands. Forcing him to leap to the roof of the building it's attached to.

"As I was saying, it was nothing. You don't need to..."

"Nonsense." The Mayor interjects as she stomps the ground. "You actions shall not go unnoticed. You shall be honored for you're acts of heroism."

Sonic roles his eyes and throws his hands up into the air in defeat. "OK, if you insist. It's not a big deal, really."

The Mayor happily nods and departs; taking much of the crowd with her. Applejack is seen yelling something to the unicorn and snatches the quill from her mouth.

"Hey, I got your...quill thing back for ya, Sugar Hog. What do you want to do you want to do with it?" Applejack notions towards Sonic, holding the blue quill in her hoof.

"Nothing I can do, it's been plucked out, but thanks." The blue hedgehog says shooting the orange mare a smile; who flings the quill into the bushes and trots towards the building. "Ya commin'?"

"Yeah, just give me a sec to...WHOA!" Sonic lets out gasp as he steps on a loose roof tile and falls backward.

"SONIC!" The ponies shouts as they charge to where they saw the hedgehog fall.


Rounding the building, they approach the other side. Frantically looking for there fallen friend.

"I'm up here." A voice says above them. Causing the mare six to look upward; only to see a hand wave from a low hanging cloud.

"Now how the hay, did you manage that." Applejack spurts out as she tilts her hat to look upward.

"Magic maybe, I dunno. Pretty cool hun?" The hedgehog responds as he pears from behind the cloud.

"Maybe." A voice says from above the hedgehog. "Except your not the only pony that can do that." A certain cyan pegasus boasts as she looks down at Sonic from another low hanging cloud.

"Neat." The blue hedgehog responds as he rolls on his back and looks up at the pony.

Rainbow Dash scoffs at this and juts her head downward, stopping a few inches from the hedgehog's face. "You're sitting on a cloud and all you have to say is 'neat'?"

Sonic shrugs and crosses his arms behind is head. "It's like you said, it's not exactly a special ability here."

"Maybe so, but you're obviously not from here." The cyan pony snaps.

"True, but this isn't the first time I've sat on a cloud either." The hedgehog adds as he closes his eyes.

The pegasus lets out a frustrated grown and rears her head back.

Sonic flutters an eye open in response."You were expecting something else"

"Yes, something other then just 'neat' or oh no biggie, I've done this before."

"Well I think you have pretty eyes, if that helps." The hedgehog adds as he shoots the pony a smile. Causing her to instantly blush and flare out her wings.

"N-not what I meant."

Sonic lets out a laugh and rolls off the cloud; landing a few feet from the other ponies.

"Ya know, you really shouldn't do that?" Applejack jeers as she turns to the hedgehog.

"What?" Sonic asks as he raises his arms in the air in confusion. Causing the other ponies to sigh in unison.


Returning to Sugar Cube Corner, the pink party pony eagerly scoots ahead and opens the door for the others. Smiling as each of them nod or thank the pony.

"You ponies head on inside, I have to talk to Sonic about something real quick." Twilight  says abruptly stoping a few feet from the entrance.

The blue hedgehog stops in front of the mare and turns towards the her. "Hm? You want to talk to me?"

"What's going on Twi?" The orange earth pony asks as she poke her head out of the bakery.

"Oh my, I hope it's not anything bad." Fluttershy adds as she enters the bakery.

"Now, now, I'm sure it's nothing like that." Rarity assures the Yellow mare with a smile

"Ow, Ow, maybe shes going to con..." Rainbow Dash cuts Pinkie Pie off as she pushes her inside. "C'mon Pinkie."

As the others enter the bakery, Sonic crosses his arms and shoots the lavender pony a grin. "Whats up?"

"Well uh you see." Twilight sputters out as she nervously looks side to side. "This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I uh had a dream about you last night."

The blue hedgehog's ears (and quills) perk up at this as he gives the pony a sly grin "I've only been here a few days and you're already having dreams about me? Jeez, you ponies don't waste any time do you."

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Twilight snaps, as she blushes profusely. "I think it has something to do with that whole mental link we...."

"You mean, when you read my mind...with out asking!"

"Y-yeah that. I um, may have saw one of your past memories in a dream last night."

Sonic places his hands on his hips give the mare a serious look. "Ok, let's here it."

"Well, from what i recall; you were standing on a large steel structure. That I assume wasn't always there, since the ground seemed to split around it."

"You're going to have to be a bit more specific."

The unicorn turns away. "There was a massive fire burring around it as it turned the forest to ash" Twilight looks up at the hedgehog who is giving her a stern look and the 'continue' notion with his right hand.

"You uh said something." The pony looks away. "You uh....bastard, what have you done?' To which another voice replied that they did what was necessary. I don't know what that means but..."

The pony cuts herself off as she turns toward the hedgehog and sees his fists clenched and his face twisted in rage; as his upper lip twitches above a clenched snarl.

"Uh, Sonic?"

The hedgehog turns towards the pony, still bearing the hateful expression. Causing her to rear back.

Sonic shakes off the expression as he places a hand over his face. "Sorry."

"You OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine its just..... not a pleasant memory?"

"You want to talk about it?" The unicorn asks as she places a foreleg on the hedgehog's shoulder.

"No, I don't, I just.....?"

Twilight gives the hedgehog a look that she's not buying it. "Sonic I..."

"I said, I'm fine!" The hedgehog snaps as he backs away from mare.

Tears start to stream down the lavender unicorn's face; as her lower lip quivers as she fights back the urge to cry.

Sonic drops his head and lets out a sigh as he sees this. "Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you like that." He places his hand on his still bandaged side. "It's just not something that I'm really comfortable talking about right now."

"I was just trying to help." Twilight says as she sniffs the air a few times and wipes the tears away with her foreleg.

Sonic places his hand on the mare's shoulder. "I know Twilight and i'm sorry.

"No, I'm the one that should be sorry. I shouldn't have kept pushing like that."

"Well that's not gonna work. If were both sorry them.."

"What do you mean of course..." The lavender mare stops mid sentence as she notices Sonic making a funny face.

"T-that n-not what i ment." Twilight stutters out as she tries not to laugh.

"Oh, then how about this?" The hedgehog says as he makes another funny face. Causing the pony to lose her composer.

Twilight loses herself and starts to laugh at Sonic's antics.

The hedgehog notions her to approach him and hold his arms out. "Come here."

The mare lets out a gasp as she's suddenly hugged and held in a warm embrace; returning the notion as she wraps her forelegs around Sonic's torso.

"I'm sorry, Twilight."

"Me too."

The two continue this embrace, oblivious to the evert watching eyes of the town.

Sonic lets out a silent sign as he looks off in the distance, no longer smiling; frowning as he runs a hand through the ponies mane.


"Now What in the hey is going on out..." A voice calls from the bakery as Applejack burst out into the street, only to witness the two still embracing one another.

Twilight lets out a squeak and pushes herself away and turns towards the orange mare. "It's not what I look like, I swear."

The earth pony lets out a snort as she tilts her back in response. "Really, then what were ya two doing then?"

"We were having a little moment." The blue hedgehog snaps as he turns towards Applejack. "Then you ruined it." He adds faking a tone of annoyance.

The lavender unicorns holds her hoof in front of her mouth, trying not to laugh; and failing miserably.

"J-just get inside, you two." The orange are sputters as she disappears inside.

Twilight attempts to follow, but is stopped by the hedgehog's out stretched hand.

"Lets uh...not tell the others what just happened?"

The pony nods.

"Also, lets refrain from letting them know about the whole mind reading thing. They might get the wrong idea."

Twilight gives Sonic a bewildered look; only to shrug it off and agree to his request. "Alright.


Returning to the small bakery once more, the group is seated again at the large circular table; except arranged different. With Rarity on Sonic's left, Applejack on his right. Rainbow Dash next to Rarity, Twilight next to Applejack, and Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy sitting across from Sonic.

"So, back to what you were saying earlier." An unamused Rainbow Dash asks as she rests a foreleg on the table.

Sonic crosses his arms at this and says. "What's eating you Skittles? You were so happy to talk to me a little while ago. What gives?"

The mare slams her hooves on the table, in response to this."First off my name is Rainbow Dash, not Skittles and second nothing is wrong."

"I think she's upset about you showing her up earlier." Applejack adds, gaining a sinister look from the cyan pegasus.

"Or maybe it was that little back and forth ya two had back there."

Rainbow Dash's wings flair out as this is mention, along with a crimson glow from her cheeks.

"Yep, that'd be it."

"N-no it's not!" The pegasus shouts. "It's..."

"More importantly however, it might be wise to learn our proper names. That is unless ya wish to face our wrath by giving us these ridiculous nicknames." The orange pony spits as she tilts her hat at the hedgehog.    

"Ow, what are you gonna do?" Sonic waves his arms about. "Yell Nya, as you slide through a box to the repetitive squeak sound?"

"I get it!" Pinkie Pie shouts the other side of the table.

Applejack isn't amused at the notion and glares at the hedgehog. "Calm down Crackerjack, I was just kidding."

"Good, now then lets...wait a minute Crackerjack?"

"I'll uh start things out." The lavender mare interjects trying to defuse the situation. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, but you can call me Twilight...every other pony does."

"Rainbow Dash, the one and only." The cyan mare boast. "And for the record, what Sonic said earlier didn't..."

"Rarity darling." The while unicorn notions towards Sonic with a formal smile . "I run the Carousel Boutique, here in town."

The pink earth Pony leaps onto the table and stops a few inches from the blue hedgehog. "I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie, but every pony calls me Pinkie. It's so nice to finally get aquatinted. Don't you think, because i think it's great that..."

Sonic pushed the energetic pony away."Uh yeah, likewise. Just don't bite me again."

"She bit ya?" Applejack asks.

Sonic silently nods.

"Well I an't gonna do anything like that. Names Applejack." The mare leans closer to the blue hedgehog. "Not Crackerjack!"

The yellow pegasus fidgets from the nervously. "Uh my name is Fluttershy, but um if you want to call me something else that's fine too."

The mares wait for one of Sonic's usual 'quick' reply, only to notice him intently staring at something near Applejack.

"What you lookin' at, sugar hog? The orange mare asks as she tries to follow his gaze.



"Why are there three apples on your thigh?"

"It' actually a flank, but also; WHY THE HAY ARE YA STARTING?" Applejack staps, causing a few ponies turn toward her sudden shout.

Sonic stick a finger in his ear and shakes it as if to clear away some blockage.

"Well first off, Ow!; That hurt. Second, I wasn't trying to stare. I was just couldn't figure out what those marking ment. And third, was that little outburst, really necessary?"

Applejack flinches and drops her head. "Eh, sorry about that. If ya wanted to know bout' my cutie mark, all you had to do is ask."

"A cutie-what?"

"A cutie mark." Pinkie chimes. "They present's a ponies special talent."

"Special talent? I was thinking it related to your name or something."

Twilight pears from behind her scroll. "Well they can be that too, but most times it's a ponies special talent, profession, or in some cases; personality."

"Is that ...uh why you called me 'Butterfly' earlier?" Fluttershy squeaks from the end of the table.

Sonic nods

"Well uh you can call me that if you want." *squee

"No, uh that's alright." The blue hedgehog quickly adds as he reaches for something from behind him and slams it on the table.

"I guess we should get this out of the way now, sooner then later." Sonic lifts his hand, revealing the red emerald as it emits a dark aura.

The mane 6 lean close towards the gem.

"This is a chaos emerald; A gem of tremendous power. That many have sought after to obtain."

Sonic stops as he notices Rarity inching towards the emerald and smacks her hoof away; much to the mare's annoyance.

"There are seven in total, that once brought together are said to create a miracle."

"What kind of 'miracle?" Applejack asks.

"Untold power, the ability to traverse regions previously unattainable, and even raise the dead....apparently" Sonic lets the last part hang as she nervously scratches the back of his head.

"C-chaos emerald?" Fluttershy Stutters form the side of the table.

"They don's just create chaos, that name was given to them because of what they can create if used for personal gain.

The mane 6 don't seem to buy the explanation.

"Hey i didn't name them. I suppose if the name was coined during an all you can eat pancake breakfast. They would have been called that." Sonic shrugs. "But i doubt many would chase after them if they were the case.

The group lets out an amused chuckle as this.


Twilight happily nods as she eagerly writes down the blue hedgehog's explanation.

"So why are they black like that?" Apple asks as she notions towards the gem.

"Well my guess is that a certain madman; was trying to recreate the super emeralds by force-ably charging them with energy that wasn't from Master Emerald.

"Super Emeralds..master emerald?" Rarity asks with a puzzled look.

"A more powerful version of the Chaos Emeralds created under special circumstances, from the Master Emerald.

"Why would this 'madman' try something like this? Who is this genus anyway." Rainbow Dash asks.

Sonic lets out a sigh and places his hand on his forehead. "Another time maybe."

The yellow pegasus leans closer and says."But, uh all things aside. What good would come of achieve this?"

Sonic leans back in his chair."Limitless power, the ability to surpass anything made thus fare by miles, or maybe just because you can. The list goes on."

"This is all fine and dandy sugar hog, but that still doesn't explain why you and Dash over there went all crazy like that." Applejack snaps giving the hedgehog an puzzled look.

"Well in there current state, there negatively charged. Which in turn corrupts any that try to use it. Also for what ever reason, they seem to burn off a lot quicker then before. You get a massive surge of energy much greater them what you usually get. Then poof, it fizzles out in less then half the time."

The six mare give the hedgehog a bewildered look.

"Uh, it's like throwing dry leaves on a bonfire; you get a huge burst of light and heat, that only lasts for a few moments."

"So is that why Applejack and Rainbow Dash were fighting?" Fluttershy meekly asks from the end of the table.

"Probably, usually they absorbs negative energy, but now they seem to now amplifies it." Sonic adds as he returns the emerald to it's previous location.

"Maybe the Elements of Harmony, would be helpful in this." Twilight says, still staring at the scroll.

"Twilight, you use that solution for every tough scenario." Rainbow Dash says with a scoff.

The lavender mare looks up from the paper and says. "Hey, if it an't broken don't fix it." Gaining a chuckle from a few of the mares.

Sonic crosses his arms."It's worth a shot. If you think the 'power of friendship' can fix this, by all means."

The other five ponies give the hedgehog a bizarre look.

"Uh...Twilight filled me in on what they were."

The lavender mare smiles and hums cheerfully at the mention of her name.


"Are you sure it's OK to be carrying them around like that?" Rainbow Dash asks as she leans forward. "I mean, if there so full of this 'negative' energy. Why keep them around?"

"Well I've been around these most of my life, so I have a bit of tolerance for them. Plus if i left them just laying around. Someone might accidentality activate them.

The group falls eerily quite at the mention of the event that almost took there friend.

"So uh what styles do they have in" Rarity asks, as to break the awkward silence.

"Didn't really pay close attention to that sort of thing. Clothing is kinda optional thing where i come from, but did notice that everyone wore rings."


"Yep." Sonic replies setting  a large gold ring on the table.

The group (save for Pinkey and Rainbow Dash) Look at the ring in aw.

Suddenly the Pinkie earth pony starts to fidget in her seat.

"Uh Pinkie, you OK? You're starting to scare me." The cyan mare states as she leans back.

"I have a question." The pink pony asks, as she continues to shift in her chair. "Does this make us friends?"

Applejack shoots the mare a puzzled look. "What kinda question is that? Of course where fiends."

The other ponies nod.

"If saving a friend's life, little sis, and your home. Doesn't make you one, I don't know what does." The orange mare states as she smiles at the hedgehog.

"That's what I thought!" The pink mare shouts as she leaps across the table and towards the front door. "Time to do my thing." Pinkie boast as she zips off; leaving a pink streak behind here.

A bewildered Sonic scratches his head. "Uh what just happened?"

Twilight peaks up from her scroll. "A party..."

"Pinkie Pie Style!" the remaining ponies shout in unison.

The blue hedgehog glances down at the golden ring still laying on the table. "Uh pinkie?"

"Yes?" The party pony blurts out as she appears in the doorway. Causing the group to jump back.

"Go nuts." Sonic says as she tosses the pony the gold ring; who catches in her mouth

The mare silently solutes the order and zips off again.

"Well that was nice of ya." Applejack chimes

"I figured she's wasn't going to spare any expense on this."

"Oh you have no idea." Rarity adds as she flicks the hair out of her face.


Exiting the bakery with goods in hand/saddle bag the remaining five ponies and hedgehog trek down the quiet street of the small town.

"One thing that i don't get it, how did you got here." Twilight muses as she glances at her notes.

Sonic crosses his arms behind his head and says. "That makes two of us."

"I reckon, we'll find out at some point." Applejack adds as she tilts her hat downward.

"Well unanswerable questions aside." An enthusiastic Rarity chimes. "We really have to do something about your appearance."

The blue hedgehog crosses his arms and glares at the white unicorn."What's wrong with the way I look?"

"Well for one, darling; your attire looks rather dreadful You look like you just stumbled into town."

"I did just get into town." Sonic scoffs.

"Indeed, we must correct that shall I say rough appearance." The white pony cheerfully sings as she gives the hedgehog a shove his her hoof. "Come now, we have so much to do and so very little time to do it."


Stumbling into the lavish boutique, Sonic lets out a amused whistles and looks around. "Nice digs you have here."

"Why thank you Darling. I do try to do what I can." Rarity lets out a sigh.".....with what I've given to work with."

Sonic attempts to question this response, only to suddenly assaulted by a barrage of fabric measuring tape; as it emits a mythic blue aura. "Whoa, what are you doing."

"Stand still, please." Rarity demands as she scribbles on a levanting note pad, emitting the same colored aura.

"This seems a bit excessive for a new pair of gloves." Sonic blurts as tape wraps around his forearm.

"Given your recent acts of heroism, a simple pair of 'gloves' would be an insult to your standing."

Sonic attempts to brush away the coiling strips of fabric. "No, that's not really necessary."

"Nonsense, I shall bestow upon you my greatest piece, yet."

"Well if you insists, I did hear you were the one to come to for this kind of thing."

"Really? Who told you of my talents?"

"Spike did, he woudn't shut up, about me paying you a visit. When I mentioned needing some gloves." The hedgehog leans closer and whispers. "I think he likes you."

Rarity lets out a sigh. "Yes, I'm quite aware of his infatuation of me."

"And you don't feel the same?"

"No, I don't and even if i did. The age difference is a bit much."

"Have you told him?"

"I have not."

"Don't you think...." The blue hedgehog stops mid sentence as the white unicorn glares at him. "Ok, it's none of my business, i get it." Sonic states as he hold his hands up in defeat.

"Good, now then. Let make you look a bit more presentable."

The white unicorn beams at this as an assortment of fabrics circle around her.

Sonic slump over."I just hope you know what your doing.


A certain blue hedgehog and white unicorn, make there way to the 'party location.' This being a large barn at Sweet Apple Acres.

A white foreleg bats away Sonic's hand. "Stop tugging on it." Rarity snaps as she readjusts a tie.

Sonic steps into the light, now donning a cream colored dress coat. That hangs the length of his back; just stopping before his ankles. Accented with black cuffs and collar, with a gold button on each cuff end. Over a gray black stripped dress shirt and matching black vest; sharing the same style buttons as the coat. With a bright red tie for flair.

"Don't you think this is a bit much?"

"Not at all, you are the man of the hour. It's wouldn't be proper to have you in anything less."


Rarity drops her head. "You don't like it?"

Sonic takes a step back. "No, that's not it. I actually like it a lot. It's just that I may stick out if I wear this."

"Darling, you are a cobalt blue talking hedgehog, that walks on his hind legs. Who has fingers and toes." Rarity states mater of factly. "Being a snazzy dresser, is only the icing on the cake."

The blue hedgehog lets outa short chuckle. "I suppose you're right."

"Of course I am. Now then, shall we?" Rarity notions as she opens a small door with her magic.

"Right behind you."

Sonic attempts to follow the white unicorn inside, but suddenly stops as something lands next to him.

Turning towards the source of the noise, the blue hedgehog spots Rainbow Dash; with a slightly different appearance.

The mare cheerfully trots towards Sonic. "Hi."


Rainbow Dash eyes the hedgehog before her. "Lookin' sharp, almost didn't recognize you in those fancy clothes."

"Right back at ya." Sonic tilts his head to the side. "Did you do your hair...are you wearing make up?"

"What, no. This is how I always look." Rainbow Dash scoffs. "OK, maybe I did dress up a little."

"Also, I thought you were mad at me."

The mare bats the air with her hoof. "Mad, shmad. It was all in good fun, right? You didn't mean any of that did you?"



"Eh no, I was just kidding about that part of you lacking style anyway."


The two step into the barn and are immediately taken by what lyes inside. The floor that normally is covered in dirt and hay is now coved with an assortment of tables, chairs, a large stage constructed at the end, and a dance floor in the middle of it. With rows upon rows of colored lights basking the area with numerous rays of color, as an upbeat song plays from several large speakers scattered around the barn. All of which is crammed with dozens of ponies of all types, making the area feel a little cramped

Sonic shields his eyes from the bright dance lights. "Someone went all out, if i didn't know any better I'd say she had this all ready set up. Right Dash?"


The blue hedgehog turns to were his cyan companion once stood, only to see that she's no longer there.

"Now where did she go off to?" Sonic looks around and shrugs. "Now were did she run off to?"


Venturing around the 'party barn,' Sonic is approached by the towns inhabitants; who eagerly greet him as he passes. Some by a simple wave, while others would enthusiastically shake his hand. All with words gratitude and thanks for his earlier endeavors.

Breaking away from friendly town folk, the blue hedgehog stops by a large table, dotted with varied drinks and snacks; with a large punch bowl in the middle of it.

Sonic pours a cup from the large bowl. "They have a real nice little set here." He leans against the table and takes a swig. "Bleh, just wish they had some better music."

"I know right." A voice calls out as a white female unicorn; wearing a pair of black rimed purple sunglasses. Approaches the table and levitates her own cup from the punch bowl.

The mare faces away from Sonic."Kinda got short notice on this gig, didn't have much time to put anything good together."  

"Not really dance friendly is it?"

"Meh, it's not all bad." The mare takes a sip from her cup."Kinda makes me want to break out into song though.

"It's a little too sugary for my liking. Just give me something with a good beat or high rift."

"You have a good taste in music, what's your..." The white unicorn stops mid sentence as she turns towards Sonic; almost dropping her cup of punch in the process. "Wait a minute, you're no pony."

"And you're wearing sunglasses in the dark."

The mare chuckles. "Guess I kinda walk into that one didn't I." The pony levitates the glasses away from her face and rests them on her head. Revealing a set of bright magenta eyes.

"Names Vinyl Scratch, though most ponies call me Vinyl."

"Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog."

"Ah, so you're that hedgehog every pony is talking about."

"How many other talking talking hedgehogs have you seen today."

Vinyl shrugs and levitates the now empty cup into the trash. Leaving a awkward silence in the air.

"So, uh a disk spinning pony. How does that work?"

The white mare perks up at this question. "Oh, it'd be easier to show you then explain it." Vinyl notions towards something near the stage. "Follow me."


Sonic is led to the DJ's setup. Consisting of a two record mixing table, resting on two large speakers, with two smaller mixer tables on either side.
The hedgehog scans the music ponies setup and then turns black to the mare. "Nice."

"Thanks, it's my little portable station."

"Looks like the ones I've fiddled with back home."

"You've used one of these before?" Vinyl ask raising an eyebrow.

Sonic coyly scratches the tip of his nose. "I've dabbled a bit here and there."

"Show me!" The mare demands as she shoots the hedgehog a determined look.

"Alright, if you insists." Sonic says as he slides off his overcoat and draps in on a near by chair, then interlaces his fingers and arches them outward; till a series of pops and snaps can be herd. And then grabs a record from a near by box and places it on the empty player and then turns it on.

A fast paced techno song mixes with the bubbly slow song already playing. "OK, i can make this work." Sonic states as he spins the new record with the right hand, causing percussion of sound to verberate from the dance floor speakers And then repeats the action with his left hand, mixing the two sounds together. "Alright then."

Not waisting any time, Sonic explodes into a fury of fast phased motions as his hands fly across the two records and mixing tables. Pulling nobs, turning dials, flipping switches, sliding....sliders.  Creating a percussion of sound that livens up the almost empty dance floor. As ponies rush towards it and start to dance to the new sound.

The music mare, stares awestruck at the hedgehogs actions as his arms become a blur as they mix the two different music types together. "That's rather impressive."

Sonic turns towards the pony and smiles. "Oh, I'm just getting warmed up."  


Sonic; now wearing the DJ pony's glasses blinks several times and slides them down to the tip of his nose. "How do you see out of these things anyway?"

"There mostly just for show, but they also to save my eyes from all these lights "

"I guess that make sense, give that you're alway in a..." Sonic cuts himself off as he notices a group of ponies gathered around something in the middle of the dance floor. Leaning forward, the hedgehogs notices a certain lavender unicorn dancing in a very preocular way.

"Friend of yours?" Vinyl asks as she trots next to Sonic's right.

"Yeah you could say that." The blue hedgehog removes the black rimmed glasses and sets them back on the DJ pony's head. "I'll be right back."

Vinyl in turn places the glasses back over her eyes."Good luck."

Grabbing his coat from the chair. Sonic approaches the crowns and pushes his way towards the middle. Spotting Twilight mid stride as she swings her forelegs up and down, while swaying her body side to side; much to the bewilderment of the the ponies in the crowd.  

"Oh, hey." Twilight cheerfully chimes as she continues the awkward dance.

"What are you doing?"

"Dancing, can't you tell?" Twilight states cocking her eyebrow in response.

"I thought you were having a seizure. I rushed over to make sure you didn't swallow your tong or something."

The lavender mare, abruptly stops her bizarre dance and glares at Sonic. "Hey!"

Sonic holds out his hand to the unicorn. "Here, I'll show you how it's done."

Twilight stares at the hedgehog's hand for a few moment, before eventually setting her right hoof in it; to which Sonic clasps as she does this.

"Now we just need some...." An abrupt needle scratch cuts the hedgehog off as slow song starts to play in place of the upbeat techno one playing  a few moments before. Sonic glares at the Vinyl; who makes no attempt to hide her amusement as she chuckles from behind the mixing board.

"OK then, I guess we'll have to..."

"OW, me next, me next!" Pinkie shouts as she burst from the crowd.

"I too wouldn't mind." Rarity gracefully adds as she joins Pinkie.

"Hey, don't forget about me." Rainbow Dash snaps as she lands on the other side of Pinkie.

Twilight rolls her eyes. "Any pony else?"

"I uh too, would like to give this a try. That is if you don't mind, that is." Fluttershy sputters as she meekly joins the others.

Sonic glares at the lavender mare. "You just had to ask didn't you." Twilight gives the hedgehog a nervous smile in response. *squee


"C'mon that can't be it?" Sonic asks as he trows in arms in the air. Causing the mares grown as the blue hedgehog asks this.

"Skittles, you too?"

Rainbow Dash lets out a grown and hunches forward. "I summit you are the ultimate dance champion."

"What? I thought out anyone, you would be up for another go."

"Normally yes." The cyan mare looks up at the hedgehog. "But i ended up having to take care of a sudden weather change at the last minute."

Sonic crosses his arms. "Alright then, I guess I'll have to call it quits since no one else..."

The blue hedgehog cuts himself off as he spots a small yellow earth pony, suddenly emerge from the crowd and eagerly trots over to Sonic.

"You, want to dance?" Sonic asks with a bewildered look.

"Would I!" Apple Bloom cheerfully replies as her tail sways back and forth. Only to abruptly frown and drop her head. "Can't sis, asked me to come get ya. Said it was important."

"Oh, like what?"

"Didn't say." Apple Bloom looks away. "Just that you should come over right away."

Sonic shrugs and crosses his arms behind his head. "Alright then, what ever it is is important enough to not be able to walk away from it, lead the way."


Sonic follows the small filly and is led to a small bar tucked in the corner of the barn. Surrounded by large barrels marked 'Special Sweet Apple Cider.'

A certain orange earth pony takes a gump from a wooded mug and slams in on the bar."Bout' time you came along."

"Alright I'm here, what's the emergency?"

"Emergency? Is that what she told ya? Apple Bloom get' over here!"

Sonic holds his hands up."No, she didn't say is was an emergency, just that it was important."

Applejack rears her head back. "Oh I see.. never mind Apple Bloom!"

"So what did you need to see me about then?"

"Oh, that right I almost forgot." Applejack notions to the bar tender; who sets down two wooden  mugs on the counter. "We're gonna have ourselves a little contest."

"Uh I'm not much of a drinker."

Applejack leans closer. "Neither am I."

Sonic rolls is eyes. "Sure."


"Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!" A crowd of ponies chant as the blue hedgehog and orange earth pony consume the 'special cider from the wooded mugs. Both slamming them down in unison on top of the wooden bar.

"Yee-haa! That makes...*hiccup* us tied that eleven a piece!" Applejack slurs as she sways forward and adjusts her hat.

"Actually that's was number twelve." Sonic states as he glances into the empty mug.

Applejack glares at the hedgehog. "Wait a minute, how can you not be feeling anything after all that?"

Sonic sets the empty mug back on the counter. "Hyperactive metabolism."

"What the buck does that mean?"

"It means i can't get drunk." Sonic sighs. "Even if i wanted to."

"And....that's why he's amazing." A muffled voice says from the other side of the bar.

The two turn towards it's source and spot a certain lavender pony sitting at the bar with her face resting on top of her forelegs.

"Twi, what hay are you doing here?"

The mare weakly turns her head towards the earth pony. "Look like you two were having fun." *belch."Excuse me. I didn't realize these were alcoholic."

Sonic turns towards Applejack. "I think i should probably take her home. Want to call it a draw?"

"Na, you won. Get her home before she gets to dancing again."

The blue hedgehog nods and walks over to Twilight and give her a shake. "C'mon Violet, time to go."

"I dun wanna!" The mare shouts as she flairs her forelegs out.

"I'll carry you out of here if i have to."

The unicorn glares at the hedgehog. "You wouldn't."

Sonic smiles. "Watch me."


Traversing the librarys'(candle lit) winding stare case. Sonic; with Twilight in arms, wrapped in his coat. Is lead to the young mare's room by a very annoyed Spike. Who lets out an loud yawn as he reaches the top of the steps. "Can't see why you needed my help, you seem to be managing just fine on your own." Spike scoffs.

"Hey this place is confusing, I lost twice this morning when i was looking around." Sonic snaps as he shifts the mare in his arms.

Spike chuckles as he sets the lit candle on a small table. "Alright fair enough, I think it was a week before i could venture around and not get lost myself."

The young dragon notions the hedgehog to follow as he approaches a small stair case. "How much did she have to drink anyway?"

Sonic follows Spike up the stair case and sets the mare on the bed. "Couldn't tell ya, she was like this when i found her."

Spike chuckles in amusement as he retrieves the candle from the table. "Probably didn't take a lot."

Sonic smirks."Probably not. But hey, think you could help me get back down stairs..."

"Just use the spare bed." Spike grunts at he lets out a loud yawn and exits the room.

"There's a spare bed?"


The rays of the morning sun slice through the open blinds like a hot knife; shinning right into the eyes of the unsuspecting hedgehog. Causing him to let out a grown as he awakens to shield his eyes from the accursed light.

"Aw it burns." Sonic cringes as he tries to roll away from the light, but is stopped by something heavy laying on his chest. "What the..."

A certain lavender unicorn head emerges from the covers and lets out a loud yawn as she rubs her half closed eyes, causing the hedgehog to rear back slightly."What time is it?"

Sonic frantically scans around the room, till he finds a clock handing on the wall. "Uh half past six." Twilight lets out another yawn; covering her mouth this time,rests her head back on to the hedgehogs chest; nuzzling it as she closes her eyes. "Good, it's still early yet."

Blinking several times at what just obscured, the blue hedgehog attempts to register what just happened. However the lavender mare's abrupt motion stops any attempts to do so.

Twilight forces her eyes open and burst from the covers and glares stares at the hedgehog; who awkwardly smiles at her sudden outburst. "Morning."

The unicorn's right eye twitches as she come face to face with the blue hedgehog. Her mouth hangs open is shock as her mind tries to make sense of the situation. "You alright?"


"Hey, you guys up yet?" Spike asks as he stops at the top of the staircase. Only to notice the lavender mare straddling the blue hedgehog. "Uh...sorry I'll leave you two alone. I didn't see anything."

"Spike!" Twilight shouts as she leaps from the bed. "What happened last night?"

The young dragon stops on his tracks and turns towards his keeper. "uh Sonic carried you home after that party last night."


"And nothing, he put you to bed and went to sleep shortly after."

"Twilight lets out a sigh of relief. Oh, I see."

Sonic starts to chuckle as he slides off the bed. "Did you think we..."

"No!" The mare snaps as her face turns a bright crimson.

"Ok then, so uh we've determined that your a light weight and that you apparently walk in your sleep."

Twilight glares at Sonic's 'statues report.'

"Want me to send a message to the Princess about what you've learned of excess?" Spike chimes as he holds a quill and a piece of parchment.

"Eh, no I think this will be better left unsaid."


"Say that again, I dare you!" A brown male earth pony shouts to the male white pegasus.

"You're face looks like a butt!" The white pony chimes as he smiles from his insult.

"Alright that's it!" The stallion shouts as he charges forward.

"Bring it on!" the pegasus snaps as he takes off to intercept.

The two pony collide with an invisible force and are flung backwards.

"Enough!" A voice shouts as a certain group of alicorns emerges from the horrizon.

"Sister, this is the third outburst this week."

The princess of the sun lets out a heavy sigh and turns to her sister. "Contact Twilight Sparkle, see if she's notice anything strange in Ponyville.

Next time:

Chrysalis: "Aw after ten thousand years, I'm free. It's time to conquer Equestria."

Celestia: "Luna, Chrysalis has escaped. Recruit a team of ponies with attitude."

Scene: A giant golden sphinx emerges from a grassy plain.

♫'Go, go, Pony Rangers!♫

Scene: Twilight using her magic to blasts through a group of changelings.

Twilight Sparkle: Ranger of Magic!

Scene: Pinkie Pie leaping into her party cannon and firing her self upward and into a swarm of windigo .

Pinkie Pie: Ranger of laughter

*record scratch*

Everyone: "Luna!"

Luna: Squee*

Princess Celestia: *Aw-hem* "My apologizes, lets try that again."

Rainbow Dash: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh."

Spitfire: "So I hear you're the hero of Ponyville"

Gilda: "Well if it isn't Lamebow Dash."

Trixy: "All tremble to the great and powerful, Trixy."

Sonic: "Muhahaha! Ow, this is gonna be fun."

Next time:

Birds of a Feather
It seems everyone's favorite apple loving earth pony enjoys a bit of hard cider. Plus we find out that a certain lavender mare is a light weight.

What is a foot in the rest of Equestria that is forcing the princess of the sun and moon to take action?

Also we need to keep Luna away from the controls.


Ok that was a rather dialog heavy chapter. It was more or less me trying to put all the parts that kept getting cut out from the previous chapters. IE regarding the chaos emeralds and such. So i decided to just put all in this chapter, since it was the LAST one to fallow the 'day by day' style that i've been doing.

All characters belong to there respective owners and as always all input is welcome

Edit this cross over is more or less occurring between season 2 and 3. Since I was working on a draft when i was watching the second one. With the exception that the 'Crystal Empire arch" has already happen. I'd say more but it would spoil a few things and i don't like doing that.

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